Which Dump Pouch Should I Get ?

Choosing the right Dump Pouch is difficult as there are so many to choose from.

let’s start by saying that colour is realistically a personal choice, maybe you want one to match your other Airsoft Kit or maybe your not to fussy, the main thing to remember is that colour has no effect on performance.

The Main function of a dump pouch is to act as a kind of keep net, in theory allowing you space to quickly and safely store empty magazines which prevents you from selecting an empty one from your rig by mistake in the heat of an Airsoft battle. Other uses in the modern game also include storing HPA tanks and many other items.

If you like a minimal load out and not keep on having a dump pouch extended when not in use then perhaps you might consider the Viper VX Stuffa Dump Pouch as should in our featured photo, compact and neat storage that you will hardly even know your wearing when not in use and available at a tug of the tag. They represent a great and effective minimalist solution.

If you want something more robust, larger and strong enough to take either a HPA tank or just magazines then prehaps you might like the Kombat UK large Dump pouch we have available. Molle attachment and handy side pockets are additional features as well as a draw cord top to close and keep your items secure.

If you have a storage issue, want something that folds away when not in use but large enough for almost any task then the Viper Folding dump Pouch maybe your answer, strong and reliable with a drawstring top, they have been a player favourite for many years.

The Choice you make should fit the other all purpose you intend to use it for, but a good dump pouch in our opinion is a priceless addition to any Airsoft load out