Which rig is right for me?

A good chest rig will take you about a second to throw on.

With the right rig, you’re always ready to react and respond at a moment’s notice… to any kind of situation.

The problem is, choosing your first chest rig is HARD.

The chest rigs of modern times are in my opinion far more advanced than those I started out with 17 years ago, that’s not to say that basic chest rigs don’t exist anymore because they do and there are many.

There are many things to consider, starting with practicality… So consider what is your Primary Airsoft weapon? What magazines does it take? And is that compatible with the chest rig your looking at?

Secondly try to think forward, buying Airsoft Kit is an expensive business, many manufacturers of chest rigs produce them as part of a modular system. Do you think you might want a plate carrier for occasional or consistent use at some point? And is it compatible with the rig you are looking at? Long term this not only looks great but saves you money on additional pouches down the line. 

Many people I’ve met over the years often considered the colour and look of a chest rig over its functional application in the way they personally load out and play and wished they hadn’t. 

In terms of budget chest rigs can range wildly from reasonable to insane but ultimately it’s about will it do the job you need it to?

The great thing about chest rigs that are part of a modular system such as the VIPER VX system is that you can add to them or change and adapt them as needed. Many have interchangeable inserts so you can switch between magazine types in seconds which again saves time and money in the long run.

Although modular system rigs are my personal preference due to the reasons above it may be that you really only want to use it on those hot summer days when a light load out is just what the doctor ordered. A standard static chest rig may actually be the best choice for you as an example the Trojan Chest Rig from KOMBAT UK  look good and can be ready to deploy in no time at all.

Which ever chest rig type you choose the rules above should still apply.

Function over form and everything else comes second