Do I Need a Molle Battle Belt in Airsoft?

Do I need a Molle Battle belt in Airsoft? 

Well let’s first clear up the lingo by discussing what Molle is, 

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. In essence it is a way of fastening pouches and all manor of equipment via a series of straps and loops which makes for a very versatile kit arrangement. 

Battle Belts can actually be a great piece of kit, especially for those who prefer a light weight kit set up, they allow you to carry additional magazines, pyro, pistols and just about anything you can think of, but still allowing you full range of motion if you feel constricted in a plate carrier.

our Kombat UK Molle battle belts come in black of Multicam with a range of pouches and accessories to fit, perfect for any Airsoft player who wants to personalise their loadout.

They can also be used to compliment your other kit if you prefer a fuller loadout, for instance you can wear them as well as a plate carrier, especially a JPC type or a higher seated rig such as the Viper VX Gen2 plate carrier, you will still have plenty of movement but now have an endless space for more storage.

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