Choosing the best Airsoft Plate Carrier?

Welcome to one of the biggest questions out there when it comes to individual kit.

Plate carriers are often a matter of personal choice which should be made from a balance between body type and functionality.

What’s best for one person is not necessarily best for someone else. Regardless they should fit well, be comfortable and perform the task you want them to. 

When choosing an Airsoft Plate Carrier you will be surprised by the amount of selection, style, coverage and cut all come into Focus. 

A very common sight at game days now are JPC (Jumpable Plate carriers) often compact, lightweight with minimal cover yet still allow for numerous configurations. They effectively cover your essential organs but not much else, they are great for that low profile sleek operator look. Check out our range of Kombat UK Spartan Plate carriers as an example.

Another example of this are our VIPER VX gen2 carriers, these in our opinion are the best value for money due to the ultra light weight soft feel and zero compromise on comfort. 

Depending on your plans the Viper VX plate carriers not only allow great range of movement but are also part of a modular system meaning you can use them as a stand alone or can add to them with just a few clicks.

If you prefer larger areas of the body to be covered then you might also consider a cage type plate carrier which offers a much larger covering including your flanks, the compromise is that you do loose some range of movement.

when fitting your plate carrier ensure it sits well and adjust just straps so that it stays where you want it, remember when you have kit on the front it can unbalance its position on your chest. There’s nothing worse than a plate carrier which pulls on your shoulders as it tries to slip down.

consider if the Airsoft plate carrier is capable of carrying the load you expect to run with, as always colour and look should be secondary to performance.